Thanks Obama

Illustration by Casey Babb
Written by T. LeMonde

For this week’s post to Trump le Monde, artist Casey Babb submitted an illustration he describes as a “double entendre” of sorts. 

Although the “Thanks Obama” meme is typically used in jest, to jokingly put blame on the Obama Administration for any and all inconveniences, more than 3 years into his administration, Trump seems to be incapable of picking up on the sarcasm.  

It seems that whenever a critique of the Trump presidency arises, or they’re met with push-back, the name “Obama” is sure to echo through the White House halls. And although, in some respects, the blame is warranted, it comes off as obsessive and infantile, like a preschooler learning how to take responsibility. 

But even though this incessant blame game has grown tiresome, it wouldn’t be fair to think that the Obama Administration is without its share of scandals and international, domestic and moral crimes.  

By allowing the banks and handful of people who caused the recession of 2008 to continue making billions of dollars while stealing the homes of over 5 million families, sending the majority of American jobs overseas, starting 5 wars while continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, popularizing the use of drone bombs, removing Habeas Corpus from the Magna Carta, and wearing that truly ABYSMAL tan suit, it is clear that Obama played a large role in laying down the foundation for this dystopian presidency, and the ever-increasing wealth of the 1%. 

It’s almost as if politicians don’t work for the general public. 

It’s almost as if it’s not worth choosing sides. 

My head hurts. 

Double entendre, indeed! 

Instagram: @breaking_babb

Where in the World is Kim Jong, Supreme Leader?

Illustration by Scott Shields
Written by T. LeMonde

It’s great to see that even during a global pandemic, the collective western world is able to replace their pajamas with a deerstalker cap and drop their ZOOM meetings to pick up a magnifying glass; all in the name of international mystery! 

Is Kim Jong-Un dead? Is he alive? Was he taking a break, or under the doctor’s knife? 

We may never have the answers we seek, but at least we have each other. 

Took the Words Right Outta My Mouth

Illustration by Scott Shields
Written by T. LeMonde

The names given to diseases and viruses can be such a mouthful.  

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)? 

Coronaviruse disease (COVID-19)?  

Who the hell has time to say THOSE?  

The American population needs answers quick! People are frightened for their lives, and the last thing they want to do is listen to a blithering idiot sound out these unnecessarily long names. A short (and albeit catchy) name will do just fine, and although we tend to agree with the nicknames Trump bestows upon people (e.g. Mini Mike), viruses don’t seem to be his forte. 

A viruses’ alternative name should not promote a racist agenda, or further disinform the population by perpetuating the idea that only people of Asian descent can contract this disease. Instead, it should calm the nerves of a public that is on the edge of the (proverbial) cliff.  

And that’s why, we here at Trump le Monde, Inc. have brought you a list of proposed nicknames that are guaranteed to entice, while not hurting anybody’s feelings.  


  1. Prickly B-Ball 
  2. CorporateGreedElbowSneeze 
  3. Gamer’s Delight 
  4. March Break 
  5. Cave Dwella’, Goodbye Fella’ 
  6. Microbial Hackysack 
  7. CoughyNoCream 
  8. Anything Other Than “Chinese Virus” 

Please feel free to use any of these non-discriminatory nicknames throughout your daily corona-themed discussions, and if you come up with any of your own, let us know in the comment section! 


*A little about the image: Another image from the vaults, originally published to Trump le Monde on December 20th of 2017, when resident artist, Scott Shields, was still using pen and ink. It was a different, healthier(???) time, but this image still seems to apply to today. 

The Old American Playbook

Illustration by Scott Shields
Written by T. LeMonde

Quds! 41! Hut Hut!

That’s right sports-fans! The Titans attempted to take down the opposing team this past weekend, in a power-play seen countless times before. Through warmongering and sheer aggression will Trump be guaranteed the spot of team captain for another term?

Or is it time he hits the showers?

A Christmas Card from the Trudeau Residence

Illustration by Scott Shields
Written by T. LeMonde

The holidays have come and gone.
A new year; again upon.
But as lights turn off for another year,
This one last gift can’t be forgone.

“What could it be?” Trudeau remarks,
The box quickly torn apart.
A gift of pipeline, oil. Wondrous cheer!
“Oh my, be still, my beating heart.”

A happy Holidays and a happier New Year to you and yours, from me and mine at Trump le Monde, Inc.!


*A little about the image: This image was originally published to Trump le Monde on December 2nd of 2016. We have enjoyed making fun of Justin Trudeau’s love of oil for many years now, and the Oracle’s have prophesied that 2020 won’t be any different!

Quick Change

Illustration by Scott Shields
Written by T. LeMonde

I wouldn’t say we were unprepared for the happenings of December 17th and 18th 2019. I would, however, say we didn’t want to rush a drawing for our fine readers. So sadly, instead of this week’s post being about Trump’s scathing letter to Nancy Pelosi, or the conclusion of Impeachment Part I of II, we focused on the glorious Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s and his ill-timed grasp for a bigger paycheque. Enjoy!

As the Republicans, Democrats and various Trump appointees’ recited sonnets and couplets, the audience was given a view into the cartoonishly evil and corrupt lives their politicians and lawmakers led on a day by day basis. But while the world sat in awe of these millionaires and billionaires, New Jersey’s 2nd congressional district’s Representative and local dental hygienist, Jefferson Van Drew, was rewriting his stanza.

Covered in velvet, fine jewelry and make-up, it was clear that these actors, Devin Nunes, Rudy Giuliani, were living it up, and it was about time Jeff joined them at stage right! Unable to contain himself, he leapt across the stage, and into the director’s office to see if he could swap roles.