Illustration by Scott Shields
Written by T. LeMonde

We can only illustrate how much Justin Trudeau loves oil so many times. So this time around, we thought we’d let the man himself describe his relationship with the non-renewable resource.

But this illustration isn’t about that. It’s about Justin’s dishonesty towards Canada’s Wet’suwet’en people and the indigenous population in general.


I would also like to point out the silliness of Andrew Scheer muttering the phrase “check your privilege”. 

It’s no surprise that Scheer would side with these corporations, having worked for them and all. But after being caught stealing money from Conservative Party funds to pay for his children’s private education, and announcing that he’d step down as Conservative Party leader, but still holding the position 2 months later, you’d think he’d choose his words a bit more carefully. 

But I’m not a politician, so what do I know. 

A Christmas Card from the Trudeau Residence

Illustration by Scott Shields
Written by T. LeMonde

The holidays have come and gone.
A new year; again upon.
But as lights turn off for another year,
This one last gift can’t be forgone.

“What could it be?” Trudeau remarks,
The box quickly torn apart.
A gift of pipeline, oil. Wondrous cheer!
“Oh my, be still, my beating heart.”

A happy Holidays and a happier New Year to you and yours, from me and mine at Trump le Monde, Inc.!


*A little about the image: This image was originally published to Trump le Monde on December 2nd of 2016. We have enjoyed making fun of Justin Trudeau’s love of oil for many years now, and the Oracle’s have prophesied that 2020 won’t be any different!

America First; After Saudi Arabia and Israel, of course

Illustration by Scott Shields
Written by T. LeMonde

Choosing political issues to write about on a weekly basis can be challenging. There are quite a few topics that bounce around the political microcosm, and no doubt many of them are easy to crack jokes at. But sometimes, none seem to touch the corners of our proverbial screen saver; they just don’t seem very important.

So that’s why, for this high-brow blog post, we’ll be writing about topics and themes that have popped up many times before…




On September 14th, 2019, drones attacked U.S. owned oil fields in Saudi Arabia. Although the Yemeni Houthi movement has since admitted to sending the drones in response to the genocide that Saudi Arabia has been committing in Yemen since 2015, the United States and Saudi Arabian government, as well as Germany, France, and the U.K., have blamed Iran for the attacks. No parties, however, have shown conclusive evidence in support of these accusations, which have all been denied by Iran’s president.

Along with these allegations came rumours or Iraq’s involvement. It was said that these bombings were in retaliation to previous drone strikes done by Israel. These rumours were quickly swept aside, due to it being less convenient, and two wars can’t be fought in Iraq.

That’d just be silly.

But nonetheless;

Because of the attacks, oil production slowed (for a short time), which in turn made the Saudi oil barons dissatisfied.

On September 20th, as a way to appease the wealthy reptilian bipeds, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper told reporters that American troops would be deployed to guard the Saudi oil fields, stating that “the United States has a responsibility to protect our citizens and our interests in the region”.

Mostly the Saudi monarch’s interests though, right, Mark?