Week 6’s theme; Work Place Politics.

Julian felt inspired as he watched boutiques from around the world spit in the face of fascism and drop Ivanka’s brand. But he knew it just wasn’t enough! So the next day, after 8 hours of sleep, he arose from his chambers to announce that he would no longer sell to Trump supporters.

And as Nordstrom, and the world alike, cheered for Julian’s act of protest, he stood there with a great sense of superiority, and an even greater sense of irony. ‘Is this not be what a fascist would do?’ he briefly pondered.



Week 5’s theme; Uneducation Part 2.

“Hey, Steve,” Trump whispered. “I wasn’t able to study last night. Could I, like, copy off you or something?”

“Yeah, definitely,” Steve replied. “I’m all done, anyways.”

“Oh great!” exclaimed Trump as Steve handed him the first sheet of answers. But as he was heading back to his seat, he noticed the sheet he was given only had answers for the first 5 questions. “Hey, Steve, what about the other 10 questions?” Trump inquired.

“Don’t worry about those questions, Trump,” he replied. “And if the teacher asks, tell her they never existed.”

Week 3’s theme; Immigration Ban.

It is said that in the great Pharaoh’s tomb, a tale is told of a great nation, surrounded by an even greater wall.

‘Everyday, after the sun had set, very loud and very exciting sounds leapt over the wall and pierced the world’s ears, intriguing all who would listen. And as the wall grew taller, and the sounds grew louder, more of the world’s people attempted to climb the wall, in hopes of adding their voice to the mix. Although few made it over the wall to begin with,  eventually nobody seemed to make it at all.’

But how could the wall continue to grow? How could the sound increase in volume?

‘The wall had a secret. The wall had a door. And although the door was always unlocked, and welcomed all who would enter, there was always a price to pay that only the rich and corrupt could afford.’